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History – Poseidon Confezioni


Poseidon Confezioni by Galati Sebastiano was born in 2009 to continue the family tradition of the historic factory Galati Sebastiano, three generations of Artisans devoted exclusively to the double face manufacturing.

The first industrial working experience was in 1965 with the Italian American Nino and Bill Scurria, who opened in Sicily the first establishment for in series tailoring. Here Sebastiano Galati worked as manager department.
The first important work was with Jaeger America: we used to produce 130 pairs of trousers a day.
The great experience acquired then and the deep friendship between Galati Sebastiano and Marco Rivetti – who was at the time the chairperson of the historic Textile Financial Group in Turin – led us to tailor from 1970 to 1977 Facis and Marus trousers with counter belt, a hemp strip strengthened, ironed and manually stitched to better sustain the waist.

In 1978 the two brothers Giuseppe and Guido Pesenti came to Sicily and the first Double items came after.
We used to produce 1300 items of clothing per week for Max Mara, Liolà and Pep Rose (of course they were not the styles we tailor nowadays).